3 Passes Roadbike Furka-Grimsel-Susten

Photo Pass Roadbike

Finally the weather is warm enough to plan roadbiketours even to the highes passes. We started our 3 passes tour from Basecamp Andermatt and first biked up to the Furka-pass. Starting from Andermatt its about 22km and 1000m vertical. The pass is at 2436m and here starts a cool run down to the valley of Rhone. On the right side is always a great view to the Rhone glacier.

Arriving at Hostel Gletsch

After Arriving at the Hostel Gletsch there is a short 6km and 400m Climb up to the Grimsel Pass. The landscape is dominated here by massive Granite walls and slabs. At the Grimsel-Damm there is a cool lookout. At the damm also starts the hike towards the famous climbs at Eldorado drilled by the Remy brothers, just look for Septomania, Mötörhead, etc. At the Grimselpass starts the downhill towards Innertkirchen. this goes from 2165m down to 650m.

Next Stage is Innertkirchen

Innertkirchen is the junction of the Sustenroad and therefore its a lot of traffic here. Its better to start right away the long 25km and 1600m vertical climb towards Sustenpass instead of having a break here. We had a little pause at the Cablecar station at Gadmen and were already looking forward for our Rösti at the Famous Hotel Steingletscher. This Hotel is at 1850m and has also a lodge wich is a overnight on the Urner haute route skitour. Enjoy the view over the glacier and the good food. Its only a 5km and 400m Climb from here to the Sustenpass.

Sustenpass 2224m

After arriving at the pass at 2224m its better to put some clothes on. Because from here starts the heavy metal downhill to Wassen. The sun in your back, its got 22km and 1400m Vertical with shallow turns, always enough visibility and plenty of room not to touch the brakes. Enjoy. From Wassen its 5 minutes to Göschenen where you can choose to drive up to Andermatt or just take the train instead of sharing the tunnels and shady roads with traffic.

Here some tips for this tour.

  1. The total lenght is about 130km and 3100m vertical. You will need some accommodation to the altitude. The passes are 2400, 2100 and 2200m high and its better to do some biking around Andermatt before.
  2. Try to avoid saturdays and sundays on the road. Especially the passes are very popular among motobikes and wannabe racecar-drivers. Sometime there is not enough room for errors and no space for roadbikes.
  3. Have enough clothing to protect you from rain and cold. There will be snow on the Passes even in August and the temperature can drop really fast if wind or rain kicks in. You will have to drive through several dark tunnels. Its nice to have a little LED-light or a headlight to protect your back.
  4. Eat and drink enough. There are plenty of great views and lookouts to take a snack and have a drink.

Enjoy the ride