Canyoning Switzerland

"Basecamp Andermatt goes Canyoning"

After days of hot weather in Andermatt we needed a cool splash and went canyoning to the Val de Verzasca. Its about one hour drive from Basecamp Andermatt to the beginning of the canyon of Corippo.It needs more than a couple sunny days in Andermatt for accommodation to the almost tropical heat in Tiziano.

Pizzo Vogorne

When we arrived at the Hotel of Pizzo Vogorne, we had at least 15 degrees warmer here than in Andermatt wich allready felt hot.At the Hotel we were greeted from Toby, our guide from Outdoor-X. He had all the gear allready organized and gave us a briefing what to expect today. There are different levels of canyons. With a good guide each individual group will find the right canyon at the right day.

Corippo canyon

We were out for adventure and Corippo with a 40m abseil in a waterfall besides of several high jumps sounded right for us. After having done several canyons together, Corippo was for us the right choice today.Canyoning is a cool alternative for a day in between hard climbing or biking. It is physical, but you need different muscles and the landscape and nature are always very rewarding.


The Corippo canyon has a lot to offer. It has long absails, cool jumps into emerald green pools, slides on polished gneiss and the finish is a little swim in the lake of Vogorno. At the exitpoint is the grotto style restaurant is a cool place to finish the day. Enjoy the great tiziano food with strong italian heritage.