Eco Lodge Accomodation in Switzerland

Ecolodging in Andermatt. Accommodation and Hostel with a green touch

Basecamp Andermatt is an ecological alternative for lodging in the Swiss Alps

We offer sustainable accommodation while preserving the nature

Our house was originaly a  60 years old wood and natural stone building located a little above the village of  Andermatt. This building was supposed to be torn down. Instead of wasting the effort wich was made to built it, we completely  renovated and enlarged it according to the swiss ecological construction standarts. The design and materials were selected to conserve the nature and to provide optimum lodging for the needs of nature concious mountaineers.

Right selection of materials

  • the whole house was constructed of renewable, sustainable or materials with little energyconsumption for transport or manufacturing..
  • local pine-wood for primary and secondary structures
  • new wooden unpainted facade of larch. This needs no chemicals to survive alpine weather ;-)
  • woodfiber from pinewoods woven into wool made by GUTEX for insulation of the walls and roof.
  • Stone and ceramics for floors
  • oakwood for flooring. The finish is natural oils only, no chemicals were used.
  • the windows are tripple glassed for maximum insulation with a very high insulation value of K=0,9
  • all paints and finishing is green ecologigal products
  • we have only used waterbased mineral paints
  • natural oils and varnishes
  • limestone based plaster.

Our heatingsystem runs with a geothermal a heatpump. It circulates water into two 150m deep drillholes and uses a heatpump to extract the energy. This system has the newest double compressor technology and has an efficiency of 5,7 to 1. Its driven by the locally produced electricity from  windmills and hydroelectric plants all located in Andermatt.

Minimize your energy consumption

The total energy consumption for accommodation, heating and warm water, based on full occupancy and -20 degrees celcius outside temperature is only 16kw. As a result we fullfill the swiss SIA 380 certificate for energy conservative building and living.

Passive solarenergy

The high windows catch a lot of sunlight and passive solar energy. Therefore we dont need to heat up the house in the winter that much. The use of solar collectors on the roof does not work here so well. The meter thick snowlayer on the roof prevents the safe and effective installation.

How big is your carbon footprint in the holidays

Your carbon footprint will be very low if you stay with us and choose  Andermatt as your holiday destination. Even the lifts in the winter and the local Railway MGB use green electricity. Accommodation and transport can be done with green energy  and low energy consumption in Andermatt.

Recycle your trash

When you are staying at our house, we keep track of the waste produced in the fragile alpine enviroment. Dont throw away natural recources. Discard it into our different boxes and we recycle it for you:

  • metal, aluminium
  • glass
  • plastic, pvc bottles
  • paper and cardboard
  • bio degradable waste

Everything what is biodegradable goes into our own compost and will be used later in the garden as fertile soil. We have a gardening project in front of the Basecamp for vegetables and herbs. Your biodegradable waste will return in to the circle of life and produce edible plants.

The rest of the garbage in Switzerland is not discarded in landfills. The Swiss waste concept i looking forward to minimize the landfills and therefore waste is burned to extract the energy, minimize volume and utilize the waste as much as possible. The burning is done with maximum efficiency incinerators with  high tech airfilters to keep the enviromental impact as low as possible.

To minimize your waste and energy consumption in the mountains

  • Bring as little packing material with you as possible and if, take it back home.
  • if you bring up beer, take cans instead of bottles. They weight less and the aluminium is recycled. Glass bottles are not refilled in Switzerland. Glass is recycled but thats less effective than aluminium.
  • Dont bring up paper or carton. We can not burn it in the oven. This is forbidden!
  • Dont throw anything away around the house! We have sheeps grassing in the summer. After the snow melts, every cigarette butt must be handpicked away!