3. Update saison opening Andermatt with actual snowreport

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3. Update saison opening Andermatt with actual snowreport

The last week we had big flutuations in temperature down in the village and it rained several times below 1500m

above 2000m most came down as snow so there is a solid baselayer for the saison start. The winds were mostly light during the snowfall and there has not been much movement since.

there is an exellent website for tracking the amount of snow coming down in Andermatt this early in the saison LINK here. You can see in the screenshot above that since 9. November we had 3 dumps and twice melting conditions in the village. The total accumulated snowfall in the village was about 65CM and above about 2000m its all still there:-)

The second stage of Gemsstock lift upened all the way up to the top and that is a really early access to the Glacier and other runs from the peak. Right now its still snowing and we expect another 20-25cm during the next 24 hours. Looks like a lot of snow for the second open weekend of this saison