The next big storm is coming. Saison opening 2013 / 2014 is getting closer

Saison Opening 2013 / 2014 Update 1

The first snow came early this year. It was a kind of waste to dump 5ocm snow on green grass mid october. Some of that is still there and the next big storm is coming over the Alps next weekend. The big storm "Christian" will hit the main alpine ridgeline at about 1.-2.11. and is bringing another 50cm for an early saison start 2013/2014

Links to track Storm "Christian" and how much it will dump over the alps

Liftsystems are opening in Switzerland for the ski saison 2013 / 2014

Some places like Engelberg and Zermatt have their lifts open already, so this snow will not be unused;-) Looks like the snow is staying so it will be a cold base for the real winter, wich usualle comes to Andermatt mid november. Its good to have the soil frozen and cold before its covered by snow. Last year it dumped straight away 1,5 meter on warm soil. This did not bond well with the snowpack and as a result we had massive slides down do the grassroot later in the saison.

Opening for lifts in Andermatt

Here are some links from the Andematt lift company to keep you updated when they start the system. Right now the first weekend with lifts running on the Gemsstock will be the 16. and 17. november weekend.