4. update Snowreport 2013/2014 for Andermatt Gemsstock 29.11.2013

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Update for riding conditions in Andermatt, Gemsstock

First day with the liftsystem in full swing and open all week! It was a sunny but cold day with temperatures below -10'C in the valley. Up at the peak of Gemsstock is a solid layer of about 2 meters and some crust on top due the wind. The piste are solid and hard packed.

The next big storm is coming. Saison opening 2013 / 2014 is getting closer


Saison Opening 2013 / 2014 Update 1

The first snow came early this year. It was a kind of waste to dump 5ocm snow on green grass mid october. Some of that is still there and the next big storm is coming over the Alps next weekend. The big storm "Christian" will hit the main alpine ridgeline at about 1.-2.11. and is bringing another 50cm for an early saison start 2013/2014

2012 / 2013 Saison Opening in Andermatt,2012 / 2013 Skisaison eröffnung in Andermatt. Skilifte auf in Andermatt, lifts are open

2012 Saison opening in Andermatt, saison Eröffnung in Andermatt 2012

Saison opening in Andermatt for 2012/2012

The skiflifts opened this weekend for the first time. The Gurschen chairlift and gondola up to the midstation are operating this weekend. Get your skis out and give a try. The Andermatt Skilifts are planning to have the skisaison opened the 1.12.2012 on both Nätschen and the Gemstock area.