2. Update for ski saison opening 2013 / 2014 in Andermatt. Latest snowreport and weatherforecast

view from lodge and hostel basecamp andermatt towards nätschen lift

2. Update skisaison opening 2013 / 2014 in Andermatt

The last storm dumped about 35-55 cm snow over the central alps. -Here is a picture out of the northfacing windows from Basecamp Andermatt last week.

Actual weather and snow situation in Andermatt today

The average temperatures especially in Andermatt were low and at nights always below zero and most of the new snow is still there above 1500m. Especially on the northfacing slopes there is a good layer.

Outlook for tomorrow

The forecasts say the next big storm is hitting Andermatt tonight and will dump another 15-20cm and the temperatures will stay cold. The artificial snowmaking on Gemstock is in full swing and the cannons had good cold nights without too much wind.

Saison opening is looking good for 2013 / 2014. 

Everything looks very promising for a really early saison opening and the Liftsystem of Andermatt will open at Gemstock as published the weekend of 16./17. of november. Check out the link for updates.

As every year before the start into a  new  saison, its time to brush up your avalanche awareness!

  • Check out your avy gear, replace your batteries in the beacon and check your ABS backback
  • Refresh your personal knowledge about general avalanche procedures
  • Grab your buddies together and come to the Andermatt Avalanche Training center for real practice!
  • Check out the local snowsituation and the official Avalanche forecast for Andermat
  • Be safe and have fun!

See you in the snow!