5. Midsaison snowreport for Andermatt

Snowpack andermatt compared to Engelberg

 5. Midsaison snowreport for Andermatt

History of storms and snowfall in Andermatt saison 2013/2014

The snowfall in Andermatt for the saison 2013/2014 was frequent and came often unexpected. The usual storms generated by the lowpressure systems of Island low and Biscaya low did not kick in as usual. The snow came from the south driven by the Genua low and luckily always threw over the alpine main ridge at Gemsstock. This means that even Nätschen skiarea in Andermatt, just a couple km south got only a fraction of the snow compared to Gemsstock situated right at the dividing ridgline. You can see the massive difference between Engelberg and Andermatt in the www.slf.ch picture here. There is a distinctive difference between south and north. Lucky shot for all the freeriders in Andermatt

Actual snowsituation and avalanche risks in the Andermatt area

The actual snowsituation after a sunny and warm period in the last week is pretty solid. All south facing slopes are compact and spring style skiing latest after 12 oclock. The nights have been clear and cold so, the snowpack has been frozen several times and is bound deeply.

The north facing runs are still dry powder with mixed old snow in several layers.  The effect of sun has been here very minor and did not bound or compact the snow compared to the south facing runs. Especially high in the ridgeline areas massive snowlips from previous southern storms are now precent.  Wind has not been effecting much in the last week and the conditions are still great for freeriding if you dont mind to hike for a while on the seach for untracked powder.

The amount of snow is good, everywhere exept over the windblown ridges is a solid 2-5 meter snowpack. This quarantees a great springsaison even if we would not get much more snow. Last year there was a one meter dump 2 days before the lifts closed 21. of April. This year the system runs until the first of may and we will get for sure some more snow.

The best source of information is the swiss avalanche institute with a good website www.slf.ch also in english

Beware the shady ridgelines, wake up early and get a beer not later than 14:00 if you ski the southern slopes

Have fun and be safe

have fun and be safe